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Terms & Conditions

storage terms and conditins

Indalo Storage Terms and Conditions

These Conditions set out the rights and obligations of Indalo Storage (“we”, “us” or “our”) and the Customer (“you” or “your”).   These Terms and Conditions can only be changed with the prior written agreement of both Indalo Storage and the customer. We recommend that you arrange insurance to cover the full value of your goods. We can provide this cover at an extra cost. Indalo Storage is the trading name of Indalo Transport Removals S.L., a Spanish Limited Liability Company

  1. All charges are subject to VAT at current rate in Spain, unless you are quoted ‘inc iva’. All storage is payable in advance.
  2. You permit us, our agent or any legally authorised person to inspect your storage pod/pallet as we or they may deem necessary. 
  3. You warrant that you have rightful ownership of goods stored or have the rightful owners authority to store them.
  4. You must give us your NIF, NIE or passport number when you fill in the storage acceptance form.
  5. You must give us an up to date address and telephone number, and notify us if it changes so that we can contact you.
  6. You must not store any of the following: food or perishable goods, plants, birds, fish, animals or any other creatures, combustible, flammable, explosive or oxidising materials, liquids or gases, paint, petrol, oil, gas cylinders, fireworks, firearms, weapons, ammunition or explosives.
  7. You must not store any item of high value requiring specialist storage, without written consent and insurance proof.
  8. We may review our storage fees – if we do, you will be given 30 days notice in writing.
  9. We include mandatory insurance cover to a maximum of €3,000 for each Pod for all customers. You must decide if this is adequate and to make your own arrangements if you think otherwise. You must give us a valuation of your goods in store.
  10. You may elect for extra insurance cover from us at €1.00 inc iva per €1,000 valuation per week of cover.
  11. If any loss or damage occurs payment will be restricted to the amount paid by the insurance company.
  12. No goods may be removed from store by any outside contractor without our permission.
  13. If it is agreed that if you arrange to collect your own goods then this cancels any insurance cover and a collection charge will be made of €120 (up to  two containers then €50 per container for any others)
  14. If your storage payment is in arrears, then we will add late fees and interest to the amount owing, at a rate to be determined by us at the time. These extra payments must be made before your goods can be taken from storage.
  15. If your payments are in arrears, and we cannot contact you, we will give you 3 months’ notice at the contact details you gave us, and, if you don’t contact us within that time, we then require you to remove your goods from store and pay all money due to us.
  16. If you don’t pay us all of the outstanding amounts due to us, then we are entitled to sell or dispose of your goods to offset any debt. The costs of the sale or disposal will be added to what you owe us. If the amount raised plus costs fails to cover the amounts owing, then any monies outstanding will remain due. If the amount raised is more than what you owe, then the surplus will be paid to you without interest.
  17. If you do not respond to our request for payment, we may publish a notice in a public newspaper in your last known area. Such notice will be considered as received by yourself seven days after publication date. Any costs incurred regarding finding out where you are will be chargeable to you.
  18. You are advised to provide an inventory of all goods stored. Without this, there can be no claims for individual item loss on insurance. 
  19. Any single items you wish to remove from the store yourself will incur a ‘Pod Access’ charge of €35.
  20. If goods are added or removed by yourselves or your agent, then any insurance cover becomes void.
  21. The terms of these conditions are additional to, and without prejudice to, all or any rights we/you may have at law.
  22. All services provided by us to collect and process your goods will come under the terms and conditions of Indalo Transport Ltd, which are available on request.
  23. Any dispute between us will be governed by applicable law in Spain.

Version 1.6 Updated 4/01/2023

Indalo Transport Terms and Conditions are here

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