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Platinum Storage

Platinum Storage

Collected. Stored. Returned.

We pick up, store your items, and return them too.

Platinum Storage

With this service, all you have to do is call us, and we’ll do all the rest!

5 star service from fully trained professionals, we’ll even pack for you if you want!

The team at Indalo Storage know that packing isn’t everyone’s favourite cup of tea so we offer a full packing service within Platinum storage. We promise that it will take away all the stresses that packing your own belongings normally involves. Whilst it is a more expensive option than if you wanted to pack yourself, it’s certainly a more convenient and faster solution for you. You can sit back and not have to worry about any part of the moving process at all. 


The fully experienced and trained Indalo Storage team will visit your house and carefully pack away all the contents of each room of your home into our super strong boxes, using wrapping paper for delicate or fragile items. You only pay for the packing materials used for your removal.

They’ll mark up all your boxes so that we know what’s inside them. For larger items, the team uses a special export grade bubble blanket that’s been especially designed for protecting furniture. 

We then load everything for you, using export wrapping and/or removal blankets as necessary. 

Then we deliver your precious belongings to our secure warehouse and store them for you in our Pods.

When you need everything back, we bring the Pods back and unload everything exactly where you want it.

Easy & Completely Stress Free!

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