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Self-Pack Store

A full range of packaging

Top quality materials for your next move. 

Highest quality triple wall boxes

Our boxes are perfect for long term storage and for Trans-European removals.

With three layers of card and 2 layers of corrugated board, they are great for stacking. 

Read our online guide here to all the best packing tips so you can pack like a professional.


Small cell bubble wrap

For maximum protection for all your delicate and fragile items, use our bubble wrap that comes in handy 30cm wide rolls at 100m long.


Wrapping paper

To protect everything within your boxes, you should use our large sheets of wrapping paper. Sold in handy packs of 2.5kg, this is the perfect eco-friendly way to protect fragiles inside your boxes.

Air is your friend when packing, and as the paper can be scrunched up to provide a nice springy protection layer, this helps to keep all your precious items separated.


Export Grade Bubble Blanket

This is what all the professional removers use to wrap items ready for placing into a steel container when dealing with a move that is going overseas, which is why we all call it export wrap.

Not normally available to the general public, bubble blanket is like bubble wrap but it has a layer of tissue paper on the inside. This prevents any plastic touching the thing you are wrapping. Perfect for pictures and especially canvas paintings, this is the ideal as it seals items from the surrounding atmosphere and helps to prevent ‘sweating’ and the formation of condensation, which can damage your goods.


Bubble Blanket is 1.2m in width, and we sell this by the metre in whatever length you require, starting at 1m.



We have wardrobe boxes for sale, with plastic hanging rails, to stop your clothes getting creased when you move or store them.

As well this we have a range of large bags that you can use to protect your sofa and chairs, and also mattress bags too – both single and double right up to queen size.

For the ultimate protection for very delicate items, we sell poly chips in bags.

There is also a narrow 100mm shrink wrap, that is sold with or without a dispenser, to wrap those smaller items and hold the bubble wrap on.

We also have tape guns, tape, utility knives and permanent markers.

Visit the Self-Pack Store to see the full range – everything you could ever need to protect your precious possessions.



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